Stained Glass Services

I offer a wide range of services which are specifically designed to suit your individual needs. Every aspect, from the initial design, to the choosing of glass, to the choosing colours which suit the design of your choice, to the enhancement of a piece that is already in your collection, is done by myself.

I specialize in kiln fired glass painting and staining, and have designed and produced stained glass windows for public, private, and Ecclesiastical settings. Commissioned work, whether traditional or contemporary, is tailored to suit personal and architectural requirements.

I provide a complete expert service to homeowners, architects, church committees, builders and contractors, and decorators and collectors. You can visit my Contact Page to enquire about prices, additional services, or to ask me any questions which you may have. Below you will find brief descriptions about the different types of glass work that I engage in:

New Commissions

These are bespoke panels or windows that are designed and made to meet individual client specifications and can be any size, style, colour etc that the client requires. Working within an agreed budget a design is drawn up and, in consultation with the client, any adjustments are made before the final piece is made. The commissioning process allows clients to have a piece of glass work that is unique and tailored to suit individual tastes and interests.


This is the repair and maintenance of existing stained glass panels. I specialize in restoring/ repairing painted and stained panels in particular. It is essential to record any restoration thoroughly and to complete repairs using appropriate materials so that any new work blends in well with the existing glass /paintwork. This can be quite time consuming but the outcomes are stunning.

Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass is site specific glass such as windows, door panels, and fan lights. These are designed and made to suit the clients personal taste and take into consideration the architectural setting of the piece commissioned.

Autonomous Panels

These panels are non site specific and are individually framed to be hung wherever the client wishes. An interior design feature rather than an architectural fitting, they can be self contained panels in any style or incorporated into interior screens.

Private Commissions

These are commissions from people who wish to have a glass panel made for their own particular requirements, to be placed in their own setting and can be either Architectural or Autonomous panels depending on clients requirements.

Public Commissions

These are commissions for windows / panels to be shown in a public space such as a church, school, community building or corporate premises. They can be figurative or decorative and usually visually extend the public image of the client by relating to historical, ethical, or symbolic aspects.