Restored Door Panel

Damaged centre panes were repainted and stained to match the originals

Interior hall panels, Gt Harrowden

Memorial window, Pitsford Village Hall

Painted, stained & enamelled glass.

Interior Leadlight, Moulton

This large panel was fashioned from 3 original panels to make a new interior panel.

Roundels for Brackley Part two

Roundels for Brackley Town Hall, last but not least

Edwardian panels remastered

The owners of these lovely windows had rescued the original centre pieces from demolition and kept them under the bed for over 20 years. The panels were cleaned, repaired and extended to fit their current stairwell windows.

Northants Open Studios winner 2016 :)

In’Spired’ Exhibiton panels 2016

Framed and backlit painted leadlight panels.

Interior Art Deco Scheme, Kent, 2016